First I want to say that I love the diversity in connections and thoughts that ceramics can evoke. In my new body of work, I haven't mention much of my though behind the work. The different things that can be seen in the same thing interests me. Here is the thoughts behind this work but I encourage you to find your own meaning to it as well. 

My work is an ever expanding exploring into my personal past and history. The woodgrain boards that can be seen on the majority of my work represents the passage of time and it is reminiscent of the old wooded barns that littered the hillsides where I grew up.  I have come to realize that it also represents a literal wall between my ceramics and myself.  Recently I decided to break that wall down. This can be seen through my work in the fading of the woodgrain. The colors and shapes of my newer pieces have multiple meanings to me. 1) The organic shapes represent the mountains around where I grew up. On cold winter mornings the cool colors would dance across the sky and get caught in the clouds. 2) The colors are similar to those seen is bruises, and the organic shapes can also represent the curves of the human body. This pays tribute to anyone who has gone or is going through abusive relationships or harassment of any kind. I want to bring attention to how common abuse and harassment is. 3) The last element to my new series of work is the white gold luster, representing a mirror. Having gone through an abusive relationship I can attest to the feeling of looking myself in the mirror and realizing the daunting situation I was in. Being able to look yourself in the eyes and see beauty even in the worst situation is what I call strength. The colors I use represent so much more to me than bruises. They represent strength, beauty, and power.